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Want to get your #1 question about your fertility answered? You can request a 30-Minute Fertility Insight Session ($10) Zoom appointment below with me, Dr. Elisa Yao. In this call, you will also gain some insights to your fertility, know if my wholistic fertility approach is right for you, and if we are a good fit for working together. Before scheduling, do review the FAQs below. 

WHEN SCHEDULING, ENTER ALL YOUR INFO ACCURATELY. While this practice cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement, any difference in info compared to what is on your insurance card may give insurance company a reason to deny your visit reimbursement. 


How is Wholistic Fertility different from IVF?

This clinic does not perform IUI or IVF. 

With Wholistic Fertility, Dr. Yao help both people to be their healthiest reproductive selves using methods that work cooperatively with the woman and man's body, all while working hard to find and address the root causes of fertility issues. You also get ample high quality time with Dr. Yao, the physician, and Dr. Yao will  personally help you better understand your health. 

The Wholistic Fertility approach does not try to overrun the body with super powerful medications, nor does it suppress normal function of the reproduction system to sync with the doctor's schedule.

Patients who worked with Dr. Yao's personalized & root-cause approach have reported benefits that include having better energy, deeper sleep, decreased anxiety, decreased bloating, and decreased pain. 

In essence, working with Dr. Yao is an investment for the health of the couple and their future children. It is also a rare opportunity to work with a medical doctor who has training in both functional medicine & Natural Procreative Technology / FEMM. 

On the other hand, the procedure in IVF does not improve the health of the couple or their offspring. 

Also, the average cost of one IVF cycle including consultation, medications, ICSI & PGS is about $25,000. This does not include embryo storage fees. And on average, it takes 2.5 IVF cycles to achieve a live birth, thus the cost of having a live birth can easily add up to well above $50,000. 


How is Wholistic Fertility Consultation different from a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist (RE)?

Many women report that their first appointment with their RE is at most 30-40 minutes and can cost $400 out of pocket. Usually the RE is not interested in hearing about the woman's menstrual cycle or her other health history. Treatment plans usually involves Clomid/Femara, then IUI, then IVF. Frequently women are pressured to go down the IVF route.

On the other hand, during the Wholistic Fertility Consultation, Dr. Yao wants to hear both you and your partner's whole health history, including the woman's menstrual history, and understand your various symptoms whether that is headaches, mood swings, bloating, or chemical sensitivity, as all these can be potential clues for Dr. Yao in piecing together her wholistic fertility assessment using her detective work training from her functional medicine background. 

Each wholistic fertility consultation is a brain workout for Dr. Yao and takes Dr. Yao a total of 3-4 hours to complete because prior to this 2-hour appointment, Dr. Yao has already reviewed your health questionnaires. And after this consultation, Dr. Yao often spends another 45-60 minutes completing the detailed Visit Summary for both the man and the woman, so that her patients understand her personalized recommendations, from lab work to diet and supplements. Given each consultation is quite labor intensive, Dr. Yao can only accommodate one such consultations a day. 


Are there any in-person visits?

No. This is a telemedicine-only clinic. 

Can Dr. Yao see people who live outside of California?

No. Dr. Yao's medical license allows her to only see patients who live in California. 

Do you work with women who have low AMH or higher FSH?


Does this clinic take insurance? 

No, this clinic does not take insurance. To better understand this clinic's insurance policy, click here

Does this clinic take FSA / HSA cards? 


Does this clinic provide Superbills

Yes, we do. However Superbills are provided only for office visits. To better understand this clinic's insurance policy, click here

Is there a no show fee?

Yes, given Dr. Yao carves out significant time out of her schedule for each patient, a patient who does not show up for his/her appointment without notice will be charged $250. 

If a patient does not provide notice of appointment cancellation at least 24 business hours prior to the appointment, a late cancellation fee of $125 will be applied.

Who is a good fit for wholistic fertility with Dr. Yao?

People who

  • Want to find and address the root causes of their fertility issues
  • Want to get personalized guidance and support 
  • Are comfortable using online videos and technology as this is a telemedicine only clinic
  • Have their own primary care doctor (PCP) and OB/GYN, as Dr. Yao functions as a consultant, not a PCP. 
  • Live in California
  • Are interested in investing in their health and their offspring's health. 

How do I get started working with Dr. Yao?