Wholistic Health

Would you love to...

  • Have a whole menstrual period without wanting to chop off someone's head or losing patience with your significant other? 
  • Have consistent good energy throughout the day and not have to depend on coffee to stay awake?
  • Have pain free menstrual periods without resorting to taking pain killers or birth control pills that only mask your symptoms and can cause unwanted side effects? 
  • Have a meal without feeling bloated afterwards and look like you're 5 months pregnant when you're not?
  • Know what is the cause of inflammation in your body?
  • Figure out the root causes of your health symptoms?

If you say yes to any of the above...

Wholistic Health Program

Before designing your customized treatment plan, my first goal will be to figure out what underlying issues are contributing to your symptoms, regardless of whether your symptom include painful periods, irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome, fatigue or excessive weight. 

Throughout our work together, I will act as your medical consultant, detective and health educator and will help empower you in your quest for optimal health. All clinic visits will be conducted via Telemedicine (secure online live appointment). 

Phase 1: Wholistic Health Consultation (60 minutes)

At this appointment, my first goal is gather adequate info so that I can have a comprehensive understanding of the many factors that may be affecting your health. 

Before this appointment, you will be asked to register for my patient portal and fill out several health questionnaires, read and sign clinic consent forms, as well as upload any prior medical records/lab results that may be relevant to your case.

In your initial evaluation, we will: 

  • Discuss and review your comprehensive health story (using functional medicine approach), and as applicable, review your menstrual history, gynecologic history, hormonal history, your most recent charting (ex. Creighton charting), prior relevant work up (labs), and primary medical concerns
  • Review your current lifestyle including: eating behaviors, nutrition, activity level, stress levels and sleep habits
  • Receive my preliminary diagnostic impressions

You will leave this appointment with some preliminary treatment recommendations that you can work on right away as well as recommendations for initial lab tests--blood work frequently overlooked in conventional medicine, and possibly other specialized functional medicine testing specifically tailored to your case. As with every visit type, you will also receive detailed visit summary to help you remember my recommendations. Additional customization of your treatment plan will be provided at your first follow-up visit, after lab results have been received and there has been time to thoughtfully consider all aspects of your case.

Phase 2: Follow up visits

The first follow-up visit involves reviewing the comprehensive lab tests done after the new patient evaluation. We will discuss any underlying imbalances or barriers to optimal health revealed by these tests. You will leave this appointment with my detailed treatment recommendations, including dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. Time will be allowed for any questions you may have. 

On subsequent visits, we will make sure you are on track with prior recommendations. Frequently, follow-up lab tests are done and reviewed to assess for progress in imbalances previously found. 

Any communication that requires clinical decision-making will best be addressed in a follow-up visit. However, I am available to you via my patient portal to answer simple questions so that you never feel confused or stuck.


Phase 1

Wholistic Health Consultation ($360)

  • Case research & preparation
  • 60-minute* visit with Dr. Yao
  • Lab test recommendations
  • Receive preliminary diagnostic impressions
  • Receive detailed Visit Summary, including initial diet and lifestyle recommendations

* Appointment durations are approximate and take into account time required by Dr. Yao to review and maintain medical records, review lab results, make referrals, place orders, and perform any post-appointment follow-up. So the time estimates of billed fees may not exactly match the actual time spent in the appointment.

** Dr. Yao's current rate is $360/hour. If visit exceeds the allotted time, overtime charge is prorated on an every 6 minute basis. 

Phase 2

First Follow Up Visit ($360)

  • 60-minute* visit with Dr. Yao
  • Review lab results, receive additional diagnostic impressions, receive detailed Visit Summary, including all recommendations. 

Subsequent Follow-Up Visit ($250)

  • 45-minute* visit with Dr. Yao
  • Review interim lab results, receive detailed Visit Summary, including all recommendations. 

*** Payment is taken at the end of the appointment. Valid credit card info is needed for scheduling appointment. Credit card info is stored via secured Payment Gateway.

Yes, I want to work with Dr. Yao!


What should I expect at a Wholistic Health Consultation?

During the Wholistic Health Consultation, Dr. Yao wants to hear your whole health history (hence wholistic!), including your birth history, diet and exercise. She will also conduct a comprehensive review of your symptoms to help her piece together her wholistic health assessment using her detective work training from her functional medicine background. 

After the 60-minute appointment, Dr. Yao spends significant time completing the detailed Visit Summary so that her patients understand her personalized recommendations.  

Why is each appointment with Dr. Yao so long?

These longer sessions allow Dr. Yao to fully understand your interim symptoms, explain in detail your interim lab results, and answer all your questions. These appointments are labor intensive for Dr. Yao, as each patient is treated uniquely based on findings from her comprehensive lab testing (definitely not impersonal, cookie cutter approach here!)

What are requirements to see Dr. Yao?

Since Dr. Yao is licensed only in the state of California, Dr. Yao can only see people who live in California. Also, this is a telemedicine clinic. It would be best if you have good internet connection at the time of your appointments. Lastly, prior to your first appointment in this clinic, please be sure to complete, sign and submit Telemedicine Policies and Procedures, Practice Policies and Procedures, and the Direct Physician Services via the patient portal. These 3 documents will be automatically sent to you via the patient portal under the Questionnaire section. Failure to submit these prior to your appointment will result in appointment cancellation. 

Are there any in-person visits?

No. This is a telemedicine-only clinic.  

How are telemedicine visits conducted?

This practice uses HIPPA-compliant Zoom service that is integrated with this practice's electronic medical record system.

Does this clinic take insurance?

No, this clinic does not take insurance. For more about this practice's insurance policy, click here.  

Will the recommended lab testing be covered by my insurance? 

Dr. Yao typically recommend blood work to be done at LabCorp, and if need be at Quest (both of which ares in network with most insurances). While the experiences of this and other direct pay functional medicine clinics are that blood work done at such labs are typically covered at the standard rate for PPO insurance plans, this Practice offers no guarantee that PPOs will cover at their standard rates for labs ordered by this Practice.

If you have HMO such as Kaiser, you can consider using the much more affordable cash pay rates this Practice has negotiated with LabCorp. There is an associated administrative fee for each lab order. 

Sometimes Dr. Yao may recommend specialized functional medicine tests to help find root causes of health problems. Dr. Yao does her best to minimize costs and clearly discuss payment options with patients.

Can I pay with an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flex Spending Account)?

This Practice makes no guarantee that HSA or FSA payments would be reimbursed. However, this Practice will provide patient with Superbill (contains diagnosis and procedure codes) for patients to submit to their own insurance to allow for possible reimbursement.  

What is your cancellation / rescheduling & no-show policy?

This Practice believes in being mutually respectful of each other's time. This Practice has reserved the patient’s appointment time specifically for the Patient. If the Patient needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, the Patient must do so at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment to avoid a late cancellation fee of $125.  If the Patient does not cancel an appointment and does not show up to the appointment (i.e., no-shows), the Patient is responsible for the no-show fee of $250.

Is Dr. Yao a primary care doctor?

No. Dr. Yao does not provide primary or acute care services. She strongly recommends that you have your own primary care doctor, as well as your own OB/GYN.

Does Dr. Yao treat teenagers?

Dr. Yao can see girls 16 years and older for menstrual irregularity issues.

How do I send medical records to this office?

Please fax medical records to 430-206-1884.

How do I start working with Dr. Yao?