Wholistic Fertility

You're in the right place if...

  • You have read endless blogs but still feel confused what to do next to reach your dream of expanding your family
  • You're tired of being told all your tests are normal and have the unsatisfactory diagnosis of "unexplained infertility"
  • You feel like time is running out and you are starting to feel hopeless
  • You want comprehensive research into the root causes of female and male fertility issues
  • You want to receive clear action plan
  • You want personalized coaching, guidance, & support

Testimonials from Dr. Yao’s Patients

“Dr. Yao is a godsend!! We went to Dr. Yao back in September 2018 in hopes that she could help us figure out why we were having difficult conceiving. With her help, we have a perfectly healthy baby boy.  Also, she is attentive to her patients during the appointments and makes sure she is able to provide resources and educate you about your fertility and pregnancy. We love her and I’m sure any women struggling with fertility would benefit from her wholistic and natural approach because her main goal is to determine the root cause of the problem that that could affect infertility.”


“We went thru several years of fertility treatments with negative results. I started seeing Dr. Yao in December 2018. By January she had already changed my life. I lost 20 lbs and my painful periods were improving. I found out I was pregnant in June 2019. She guided me throughout my pregnancy with supplements and progesterone. Always listen to all my questions and concerns. So thankful to be under her care. About to have my baby boy in February 2020; could not have done so without her.”


“I came to Dr. Yao at age 39, after trying to conceive for 1 year and had a miscarriage at about 10 weeks gestation. At that point, I was already using BBT and urine ovulation test kits. Dr. Yao helped me understand my potential causes of miscarriage. She also helped my husband loose weight and improved his sperm count. Within eight months of working with Dr. Yao, I got pregnant. I am now 40 years old, at 34 week gestation, and so far the baby and I are healthy. I am so glad that I found Dr. Yao, a medical doctor who uses science-based approaches to improve fertility naturally. I strongly recommend Dr. Yao to anyone who wants to get and stay pregnant naturally.”


“Dr. Yao is your doctor if you have trouble conceiving. She is a healer like every doctor should be. I am only 37 y.o. and I suffered from autoimmune issues, pms, and extremely painful menstruations that nobody was able to diagnose (except dr yao) and what’s worse I had severe digestive issues that made me so sick that I could not function and work. Dr. Yao prescribed me supplements that healed my belly quickly, then added supplements to assist in regulating my cycle. She nurtured me back to health so I can even go back to work now! I am so grateful to Dr.Yao. She specializes in NaPro which is highly successful. Every woman should be educated about it. We don’t need to suffer, be out of balance with hormones (pms etc), we just need Dr.Yao :). Thank you wonderful doctor!!!!”


“I met Dr. Yao in June 2017 when I heard her speak about natural fertility. At that time, I had already had 2 miscarriages after trying to get pregnant for almost a year. Dr. Yao gave us tangible & scientific info. I took her advice to heart, made some lifestyle changes, and made an appointment to see her. When I saw her, she ordered some blood tests and recommended some supplements. In every explanation, she was clear but also sensitive and understanding. I am now 5 months pregnant, due in February 2018, and incredibly thankful for the guidance, important info, and hope that Dr. Yao gave to me.”


“Since seeing Dr. Yao, I have seen such a difference in my health and menstrual cycle! I have had an irregular cycle for most of my adult life (I am in my mid-20s). Dr. Yao determined what the problem was, and my cycle is now very regular! It feels so good to know my body better and to have an idea of what is going on now! Also, I love that Dr. Yao uses holistic medical practices. I have been to many different doctors before who used medication to cover up problems, instead of getting to the root of it all. Dr. Yao uses safe, beneficial, and holistic medicine practices to help heal your body and help you feel so much better naturally. It is amazing.”


“I went to Dr. Yao initially as a hot mess– incredibly distraught over irregular periods for most of my life and just overall anxiety. Dr. Yao was such a great help in taking the time to really diagnose the problem and treated me like an actual human being. I really appreciate the time and care that Dr. Yao gives to help me on my road to being the best me and listening to my body’s needs! I also really appreciate that Dr. Yao didn’t rush to prescribe anything until after looking at things from a holistic perspective. You won’t regret seeing her :)”


“Dr. Yao is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. My husband and I tried to conceive for about three and a half years before seeing Dr. Yao. She tested for things my other doctors never thought to look for, and she recommended the best supplements and treatments, always trying for the most natural approach. From my first appointment I felt that I was in good hands. Each appointment she spends a significant length of time going over lab and test results, coming up with a treatment plan, and answering all of my questions. I never felt rushed. I fell pregnant after only six months of working with Dr. Yao, and she has continued to support me throughout my pregnancy. She seems up-to-date on the latest research. Every appointment was absolutely worth the money we spent and I’m so grateful to have found such a compassionate and caring doctor! Thank you, Dr. Yao!!”


“Dr. Yao is one of the most compassionate and realest doctors I’ve ever encountered in my medical experiences. She gives so much thought, care, time and energy in every patient and I’ve never felt rushed once. Everything she does is whole-hearted and you can tell she doesn’t cut corners. She is very organized and has every detail of you down to a T and is always ready with recommendations and advice on every visit. All of her explanations make sense. I am so grateful to have found her and to have had her guidance throughout my holistic fertility and wellness journey.”


“Dr. Yao is a wonderfully thoughtful practitioner. She has a kind and soft demeanor, listens well, and takes the time to answer questions thoroughly. I found her sort of by accident when my OB/GYN wasn’t listening to my concerns about trying to get pregnant with PCOS. Dr. Yao took the time to help me learn more about my cycle and teach me how to set myself up for success. I felt empowered and supported through out the journey.

She really took my personal case by the hand and made suggestions truly based on what I was going through. I even asked her about some common things prescribed to women trying to get pregnant with PCOS and asked why we weren’t doing those things.  She showed me my lab results and the work we had been doing together and explained what those prescriptions are for. She helped me understand that just because I had PCOS didn’t necessarily mean that those were the best course of action for me.

Just finishing my 1st trimester with a healthy baby on the way and I can’t be more thankful that I stumbled upon Dr. Yao and her practice.”


A BIG REASON why people do not get or stay pregnant naturally is because not all the contributors of fertility struggles are found & addressed 

Using her background in FEMM, Natural Procreative Technology, and functional medicine (root cause medicine), Dr. Yao frequently finds at least 5 contributing factors with each couple. Oftentimes these factors were missed in the couple's prior investigations. 

Dr. Yao has created a Wholistic Fertility Matrix to make sure that she leaves no stone unturned for the couple who wants to expand their family.

Ane providers or expert coaches whose businesses you strive to emulate. Do you want clients like theirs? Is it their sold-out programs, audience, collaboration opportunities or the impact they are having? You may not have realized their secret to success, but it is right out there in the open...they are specialized in their practice! Their specialty allows them to have a streamlined practice that is simple to scale. They have a system they use with their clients that attracts more and more of the same clients! Can you think of any well-known, renowned providers who are generalists?You can't! Is it a fluke that they all specialize in a particular scope for their practice? No! In fact, having a very specific expertise, or niche, in a health business allows the renowned providers to rapidly grow their practices, and this can work for you too! Holistic fertility was a natural fit for me based on my own personal experience and story. Which of these statements resonate with you:You have a personal experience with fertilityClients keep coming to you with fertility issues and you yearn to help them with a holistic methodYou've had some success with fertility clients and would like moreYou are unsure when you should be referring to someone else or when you could be the expert provider in their cornerYou know that you can continue to dabble in fertility or try to modify your functional medicine methods for your fertility clients. The truth is, every single successful provider and health coach has expert niche training and a mentor guiding them in their practice. The providers who are stuck in overwhelm, overload and stagnancy don't even realize that specializing in ONE THING could be the simple solution to save THOUSANDS OF HOURS, MARKETING DOLLARS AND IMMEASURABLE IMPACT. You may not have even realized this until now!

Button: Let me help you get or stay pregnant naturally! (button goes to bottom of page with payment options (third party financing option as low as $500/month) or Pay Now (1 time payment or 5 monthly payments of $999. 

 Dr. Yao's Fertility Breakthru 5-Month Program 

This is a 5-month program for couples who want to find and treat the root causes of their fertility issue, who are willing to make lifestyle changes, and xxx.

  • Learn who to work with in a holistic fertility practice and how to work with them
  • Discover the 4-steps you need to take with every client to create success stories
  • Finally gain the clarity you crave around lifestyle modifications and how to stack protocols that work for fertility and avoid the protocols that are contraindicated
  • Learn how to actually reach more clients seeking holistic fertility through proven methods
  • Position yourself in a place of authority as an expert at the end of the program when you ace your oral assessment
Have 3 icons like the ones I have on my home page. 

Have others well known in the health industry endorse me, even better if it is video. 

Let me show you what's waiting for you inside Dr. Yao's Fertility Breakthru Program.

  • A 90-minute consultation appointment for the woman
    • Discuss and review your comprehensive health story (using functional medicine approach, review your menstrual history, gynecologic history, hormonal history, your most recent cycle charting (ex. Creighton charting), prior relevant work up (labs).
    • My goal is to gather info so that I can have a comprehensive understanding of the many factors that may be affecting your reproductive and overall health.
    • Receive my preliminary diagnostic impressions. 
    • Receive some preliminary treatment recommendations that you can work on right away as well as recommendations for initial lab tests--blood work frequently overlooked in conventional medicine, and possibly other specialized functional medicine testing specifically tailored to your case.
    • As with every visit type, you will also receive detailed visit summary to help you remember my recommendations. Additional customization of your treatment plan will be provided at your first follow-up visit, after lab results have been received and there has been time to thoughtfully consider all aspects of your case.
  • A 60-minute consultation appointment for the man.
    • In Dr. Yao's experience, it is vital for couples wanting to get and stay pregnant naturally to have evaluations done for both the man and the woman using a functional medicine (root cause medicine), EVEN IF the man has normal semen analysis.
    • Just as with the woman's consultation, the man will receive my preliminary diagnostic impressions, receive preliminary treatment recommendations, get initial work up recommendations, as well as detailed visit summary of Dr. Yao's recommendations.
  • 4 Follow-up visits with Dr. Yao for the woman (valued at $1,440): Each follow-up visit is 60-minutes. However, there is significant time spent before your visit to review interim labs, and time spent after your visit to update your detailed visit summaries so that you have clear understanding of our treatment plan. These follow-up visits need to be completed within 5 months.
    • The first follow-up visit involves reviewing the comprehensive lab tests done after the consultation. We will discuss any underlying imbalances or barriers to optimal health revealed by these tests. You will leave this appointment with my detailed treatment recommendations, including dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. Time will be allowed for any questions you may have. 
    • In subsequent visits, we will make sure you are on track with prior recommendations. Frequently, follow-up lab tests are done and reviewed to assess for progress in imbalances previously found.
  • 1 Follow-up visit with Dr. Yao for the man (valued at $360): This follow-up visit is 60-minutes.  
  • Fertility Breakthru Academy (valued at $599): get 1 year access to Dr. Yao’s online course on how to have a successful pregnancy by turbocharging egg and sperm quality. This includes 20 video lectures and many concise handouts. 
  • 5 Health coach visits (valued at $375): These visits are to engage your strengths to help you create concrete plans to make lifestyle changes,  implement recommendations from Dr. Yao, and to better support you in this journey. 
  • Access to 24% discount code for highest quality supplements (valued at $399): This code does not expire and makes purchasing supplements that have been vetted by Dr. Yao much more affordable, and provides significant savings for years to come. 
  • Patient portal access (valued at $480): Patients can portal message Dr. Yao up to 4 times between the monthly visits.  
  • Personalized lab interpretation videos (valued at $480): to empower patients with knowledge, Dr. Yao will provide password protected videos that you can refer to as often as you like to better understand your own lab results. 
  • Prescription management, as appropriate for fertility (valued up to $480): Dr. Yao may prescribe / refill medications as appropriate.
  • Enrollment fee ($125): This fee includes a Welcome Packet that provides additional helpful instructions and resources. It also helps cover the operating costs of providing this package.

Follow-ups do not include cost of lab testing. Usually most blood work is covered by PPO. 

These first 5 months will be the most effort-intensive. I will work hard for you as I thoroughly review your case and spend ample time with you to make sure you understand our treatment plan and answer your questions. This will also be a time for you to learn new things and incorporate new habits. All visits must be completed within 5 months of purchase.

Get immediate access to the weekly training modules, begin implementing in your practice and join the February 2022 cohort with a rich foundation to springboard yourself as a fertility specialist.

Step out with confidence as a specialized provider with a focus on holistic fertility

  • Learn the questions to ask to assess fertility under the surface
  • Have knowledge on all the key drivers of fertility - for both men and women!
  • Be confident in which tests you should request to assess your theories
  • Learn the protocols you need to use based on your assessments
  • Who Should NOT join the Fertile Foundations™ Certification Program

  • The provider or coach who thinks they can go faster alone instead of further through mentorship
  • Someone with a closed mind and believes the only way to approach fertility is what they learned in previous training
  • A coach or practitioner who is not interested in implementing the training as quickly as week one and working towards a quick return on their investment
  • The person not wanting instant content they can repurpose for marketing and advertising to work with clients and improve their fertility
  • Meet Elisa Yao, M.D. with good photo of me

    Aumatma is a Naturopathic Doctor & Nutritionist, in practice for close to 15 years. She specializes in women's health, is the best-selling author of "Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Baby-Making," and is a sought out speaker on topics related to Women’s Health and Empowerment.

    Aumatma was awarded the “Best Naturopathic Medicine Doctor″ award locally in 2015 & 2020, and as a top “Women In Medicine” Doctor in 2020. In addition to supporting couples through individualized care in person and long-distance, she also trains practitioners who want to specialize in fertility.

    Aumatma has been featured on ABC, FOX, CBS, KTLA, MindBodyGreen, The Bump, etc., along with being interviewed for countless podcasts on topics of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health.

    Working with Dr. Yao is a great investment for you AND your future baby, because the couple's pre-conception health is important for offspring health!

    Yes, I want to work with Dr. Yao

    FAQs for Initial Package

    How is Wholistic Fertility different than IVF?

    This clinic does not perform IUI or IVF. 

    With Wholistic Fertility, Dr. Yao help both people to be their healthiest reproductive selves using methods that work cooperatively with the woman and man's body, all while working hard to find and address the root causes of fertility issues. You also get ample high quality time with Dr. Yao, the physician, and Dr. Yao will  personally help you better understand your health. 

    The Wholistic Fertility approach does not try to overrun the body with super powerful medications, nor does it suppress normal function of the reproduction system to sync with the doctor's schedule.

    Patients who worked with Dr. Yao's personalized & root-cause approach have reported benefits that include having better energy, deeper sleep, decreased anxiety, decreased bloating, and decreased pain. 

    In essence, working with Dr. Yao is an investment for the health of the couple and their future children. It is also a rare opportunity to work with a medical doctor who has training in both functional medicine & Natural Procreative Technology / FEMM. 

    On the other hand, the procedure in IVF does not improve the health of the couple or their offspring. And the average cost of one IVF cycle including consultation, medications, ICSI & PGS is $25,000. This does not include embryo storage fees. 

    How is Wholistic Fertility Consultation different from a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist (RE)? 

    Many women report that their first appointment with their RE is at most 30-40 minutes and can cost $400 out of pocket. Usually the RE is not interested in hearing about the woman's menstrual cycle or her other health history. Treatment plans usually involves Clomid/Femara, then IUI, then IVF. Frequently women are pressured to go down the IVF route.

    On the other hand, during the Wholistic Fertility Consultation, Dr. Yao wants to hear your whole health history, including detailed menstrual history, and understand your various symptoms whether that is headaches, mood swings, bloating, or chemical sensitivity, as all these can be potential clues for Dr. Yao in piecing together her wholistic fertility assessment using my detective work training from her functional medicine background. 

    Each consultation is a brain workout for Dr. Yao and takes Dr. Yao 2 hours to complete as after the 90-minute appointment with the patient, Dr. Yao spends another 30 minutes completing the detailed Visit Summary so that her patients understand her personalized recommendations, from lab work to diet and supplements. Given each consultation is quite labor intensive, Dr. Yao can only accommodate one such consultation a day. 

    What is a health coach? 

    Great question! A health coach is a patient's advocate and ally. A health coach works with the patient to turn aspirations or doctor's recommendations on lifestyle changes into achievable goals. The coach listens, asks questions, and provides education to help patients mobilize their internal strengths and external resources. 

    What is in Fertility Breakthru Academy? 

    Fertility Breakthru Academy is Dr. Yao's highly-reviewed online course that teaches people how to use science to boost egg & sperm quality. 

    Why did you create an initial follow-up package for wholistic fertility patients?

    By including my online course Fertility Breakthru Academy and health coaching, this package help patients achieve their desired outcomes faster because it provides helpful knowledge in a self-paced manner, and provides support in putting Dr. Yao's recommendations into action. 

    Why is each appointment with Dr. Yao so long?

    These longer sessions allow Dr. Yao to fully understand your interim symptoms & your cycle charting, explain in detail your interim lab results, and answer all your questions. These appointments are labor intensive for Dr. Yao, as each patient is treated uniquely based on findings from her comprehensive lab testing (definitely not impersonal, cookie cutter approach here!).

    Are there any in-person visits?

    No. This is a telemedicine-only clinic. 

    Do you work with women who have low AMH or higher FSH?


    Should my husband be evaluated?

    Yes! Dr. Yao recommends the male partner to have a Wholistic Health Consultation to help optimize his health prior to conception. Check out Dr. Yao's Instagram post on this topic.

    Do the visits from this package expire?

    All visits with Dr. Yao and the health coach included in the package must be completed within the 5 months timespan. 

    Does this clinic take insurance? 

    No, this clinic does not take insurance. To better understand this clinic's insurance policy, click here

    Does this clinic take FSA cards? 


    Does this clinic provide Superbills? 

    Yes, we do. To better understand this clinic's insurance policy, click here

    Is there a no show fee?

    Yes, given Dr. Yao carves out significant time out of her schedule for each patient, a patient who does not show up for his/her appointment without notice will be charged $250. 

    If a patient does not provide notice of appointment cancellation at least 24 business hours prior to the appointment, a late cancellation fee of $125 will be applied.

    What happens after the initial package?

    Patients can choose to continue to work with Dr. Yao through one-on-one visits.  

    Can Dr. Yao see people who live outside of California?

    No. Dr. Yao's medical license allows her to only see patients who live in California. 

    Who is a good fit for this package?

    This package is great for people who

    • Want to find and address the root causes of their fertility issues
    • Want to get personalized guidance and support 
    • Are comfortable using online videos and technology as this is a telemedicine only clinic
    • Have their own primary care doctor (PCP) and OB/GYN, as Dr. Yao functions as a consultant, not a PCP. 
    • Live in California
    • Are interested in investing in their health and their offspring's health. 

    How do I get started working with Dr. Yao?